Tuesday 3 August 2021
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Buying jewellery Online vs Buying jewellery Offline: Which is better?

Visiting the jewellery store and spending hours finding the perfect piece of jewellery from a limited collection is a long-gone thing. With digitalization, online shopping has emerged as a popular medium for people to explore a vast collection and make their choice in haste. Instead of having to visit multiple stores in person and spend hours hunting for a piece of jewellery that matches your vibe, people are going gold jewellery online shopping.

While some people love the variety and comfort that online shopping brings with it, others feel confused and inhibited about the advent.

So is buying jewels online a better option over store hopping? Let’s know what is better!

The authenticity of the jewellery

When it comes to buying jewellery offline, people really love the idea of getting to touch, feel and even try their jewellery before making a purchase. This brings a hands-on experience at their disposal making for an authentic buy. While online shopping is often confusing and full of doubts when it comes to authenticity, when you browse through sites that are transparent about their quality, certifications, and authenticity – one can rely on online shopping too. The need is to find trusted brands online who are reputed for their authenticity, trust, and acceptance in the market.

Convenience of shopping

Online shopping has connected us globally. Today, one can shop from jewellery shops around the country, or even internationally, while sitting in the comfort of their homes. You can send gifts to your loved ones living in other cities and that too at your convenience of time and space. Therefore, benchmarking the solution to problems that offline jewellery shopping couldn’t solve.

Moreover, online shopping helps you browse through a variety of collections from an array of brands filtering through your choices, budget, and style. As you get to selecting pure gold coins, you are at ease of making payments through EMIs and even get refunds/exchanges done while sitting at your home.

The price concern!

Most people think that online jewellery stores charge more. But if you look closely, you shall find that it is the offline stores that are at liberty to overprice their collection due to monopoly, exclusivity, and rarity. With online shopping, a customer always has the option to browse through the current gold prices, and compare the price offered by different brands to make a more informed and calculated choice. Moreover, one can make use of festive discounts, coupons, and debit/credit card discounts to further avail the benefits of online shopping and make a more cost-friendly purchase.

Trending designs on the way!

Who doesn’t want to wear trending jewellery. While the offline jewellery stores take time to adapt to the recent trends or bring in the latest collection to small towns and villages, the online shops can transverse the collection in a shorter time. Thus, bringing the trendiest of collections to you as and when they are launched. You can visit some of the popular brands of jewellery and browse through their latest collection to buy something new every time.

Making charges and purchasing

Indeed, making charges is something that people are used to bargaining with their local jewellery stores. And it makes a lot of difference in the price you pay for the piece of jewellery. But the good news is that with online shopping you aren’t paying anything extra either. You get the chance to always know the making charges, apply discounts, or avail the ongoing offers to buy within your budget. One is always free to make informed choices.

In the end, Online or offline shopping – with the emergence of time it depends on what experience one wants. Both the platforms promise trusted purchases, the need is to choose what works for you!