Saturday 24 October 2020
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Stains – Avoidance Removal made Easy

These lovely dolls have never failed to bring a smile on a man’s face, or even uplift the mood on any rainy day simply with the charm of the memories of nights and weeks of dated contentment. New and improved modifications are out and about in the world of doll making obsessed in the attempt of making these lovely companions more and more realistic by far.

However, every now and then a simple and subtle mistake can ambush the element of fantasy by surprise and reality. These dolls may look realistic, but requires quite a bit of doting especially in the department of after care and cleaning.

Often time negligence can be the ruin of not only many a doll – but even man indeed. For instance, the most common blight is not to dress the doll in black which is a fact that many a doll owner only learns the hard way.

TPE or Silicone is very soft and subtle material which allows for a plush, soft and realistic feels to the skin, however it much more reactive than skin itself. Most passionate owners are informed not to keep A TPE doll and a Silicone doll next to each other as with time both materials can react to each other and in the worst of ways which ends in corrosion of the skin material itself.

Stains are the common of woes. It is something that is hard to avoid and a lesson learn in trial or error. Most articles of clothing are often dyed using hard chemicals and leave a stain or mark on the skin of the doll itself. Once it is done, you can bet, it can only be irksome and a frequent bothers to the eye from here on and forth.

Prevention is better than Cure. Always wash the clothes a few times before applying to the doll.

Simplicity in avoiding a stain is to simply stay away from dark shades of clothing and If the stain has set, there are different ways of removal. Considering the forums, most owners attempt a DIY methodology which often proves to be a ruin for the doll. Many have tried dabbing the stain with mineral oil – it is effective to a point whereas most forums would lead you to commit to the experiment of treating the stain in baking soda and peroxide toothpaste. Though this might seem effective, the case usually it depends on the severity of the stain. Knowing that fact will help you understand that stain removal 100 percent is not possible in this case.

Even though the DIY methods are useful, the short remains that they only work beyond the immediate. It is always better to use a TPE stain removal as it works overnight and restores the very skin with better results.  Do not shy especially knowing Silicone love dolls  cost a bomb. Over time stains can be dealt with if properly addressed, however it comes at a cost nevertheless.