Friday 7 May 2021
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Different Varieties and trends of Fabric Bags

Fashion keeps on changing on a day to day basis. There are numerous accessories for women that have been invented in order to make our overall life style easier. Bags are perhaps the most used accessory in the world and is also the most fashionable and in trend product as it helps to elevate the overall style quotient of the individual carrying it. Bags are available in huge varieties, from a handbag to college bags and even shopping bags.

Bags are made with various materials like leather, cloth, jute, etc. Recently, the introduction of fabric bag design [ออกแบบกระเป๋าผ้า, which is the term in Thai] has been adored by both women and men.

Fabric bags are trending due to their easy usability, maintenance, and benefits they cause to our environment. Materials such as canvas, natural fibers like jute, cotton, and nylon are used in making fabric bags. Some of the popularly used trending fabric bag design in the fashion world are:

Tote Bag

These are made by using the canvas or leather material, which makes this simple rectangular shaped bag strong and durable. Tote bags have become a must-have for women during their shopping trip. The bag is not too large, neither too small but is medium sized and had enough ideal space for the shopping items.

Drawstring Bag

These bags are commonly made of jute, polyester, or nylon most of the times. The drawstring bag is quite casually trendy and available in several designs and patterns. These have simple drawstrings that close the top part by pulling the two strings. It can be used as a pouch or a backpack.

Grocery or Shopping Bag

These bags are much larger than tote bags. The shopping or grocery bag is made of plastic or with durable fabric material mainly jute or nylon. The shopping bag is quite spacious and can accommodate all the stuff that you purchase.

Hobo Bag

These slouchy and present shaped bottomed bags are available in both fabric and leather materials. They are very spacious internally and are quite stylish in their own way. These are present in both single and double straps and can be used for colleges as well.


This star bag has several synonyms available. The backpack is also known as a backpack, kit pack, knapsack, pack, and rucksack. Backpacks are quite trendy and are available in abundant patterns, designs, and sizes. This bag with two straps is famously used for colleges or for travelling purposes. They can be obtained in both leather and fabric material.