Monday 20 May 2019
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Computer Glasses Can Reduce Optical Dryness and Headaches

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Digital eye strain is experienced by people of all professions and of all ages. Children who spend a bit too much time looking at smart devices may experience blurred vision, head aches or even dry eyes. Many times, pediatricians will tell parents and care givers to limit the amount of time that children spend staring at a screen. Obviously not all screen time can be limited. In some cases, school work must be done on computers or tablets. In the event of these situations the recreational screen time that includes video games and communication should be limited.

Adults that work with technology are also susceptible to digital eye strain. Some of the most common professions that experience blurred vision, headaches and dry eyes are those professionals that work on computers all day. Customer service representatives are often on the phone and looking up client accounts for eight to ten hours a day. Dispatchers for emergency call centers are also spending the duration of their eight, ten or even twelve hour shift staring at multiple screens at once.

You may have never experienced eye problems prior to your increased amount of digital exposure. Some people are born with eye conditions such as a stigmatism or they are near sighted or far sighted. These eye conditions are extremely common but not caused by digital optical strain. There are eye glasses that can reduce the burden on the eyes from digital screen damage. The first thing you will need to do is make an appointment with your eye doctor to have an optical evaluation.

Once your eye doctor has ruled out any other underlying optical conditions they may suggest computer glasses. Computer glasses are designed to filter the blue light and reduce the glare that the digital screens create. Customers who start using computer glasses almost always notice a decrease in the amount of headaches that they were experiencing prior to using computer glasses.

Many eye doctors carry computer glasses. It does not matter if you go to a private eye doctor or a chain location such as pearl vision centers, vision works or lens crafters, all doctors can order in computer glasses once they have diagnosed your optical problem. You can also look online for various promotions and discounts. Often larger chain eye doctors will feature commercials that advertise sales and specials that may include a percentage off or a BOGO (buy one get one free or one half off) sale. You can also refer to search engines and look for Felix Gray coupon code deals.

There are many brands and designers of computer glasses. You should always try on several types of frames and brands. Once you find the pair that fits best and offers you the most comfort you can always inquire about warranty and cost information. Prior to making any appointments or purchases you can check with your vision insurance and find out if your computer glasses will be covered under your benefits plan. Some vision plans offer full coverage while others may only offer partial.