Tuesday 3 August 2021
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Custom Gift Ideas: Gifting Custom Bobblehead

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Gift-giving is a special practice that has persisted since humans first settled together. It has been prevalent in all established cultures and human settlements and is almost rooted in us at the primitive stage. And now, with technology advent, there’s finally the option to offer personalized gifts.

There are gifts that have been transformed or labelled in a way unique to the gift giver, the recipient, or both. Something as simple as a short engraved message on a wooden plaque makes it personalized and special. Since it has human contact, your own words make it intimate. You can take customized presents to the next level with even better personalized gift ideas.

And one such brilliant idea is Custom Bobbleheads at If you don’t know what a bobblehead is, think of a tiny figure on a spring with an oversized head bobs up and down when pushed. Yeah, those little things are called bobbleheads, and you can make one look like you, your loved one, or almost everyone else.

These custom bobbleheads are made from computer-generated 3D models based on photographs from the buyer. Everything you need to do is submit one full front and one side picture for each individual to look like bobbleheads. That’s it. You’re done!

Personalized bobbleheads are great fun for loved ones who live away from you. These are designed to look much like the person in the picture and therefore bear very similar resemblance to the real life person. And they also come in fantastic themes.

For a man or a woman, there are many themes to choose from. There’s one with Spiderman ‘s body, another with Batman as body, and another with a body carrying a guitar or riding a bicycle. These are all common themes that make the bobblehead doll even closer to the real person. For example, if you offer it to a bodybuilding guy, a bobblehead with the body of a muscular man can be fun.

And these can be fun for those who get married. There are some fun bobblehead themes for the newly married couple and fully customizable dolls that will be made to your order. This can be a great gift for a new couple, or even wedding cake’s centrepiece!

Because of the enormous popularity of these products, the entrepreneurs who make bobbleheads make massive profits. These bobblehead sell like hotcakes, and it’s a good idea if you don’t send them to anyone directly.

Another cool thing about bobbleheads is that when the doll is triggered, you can cover a tiny voice clip. This is probably the most personalized gift you can ever give a person. So if you’ve been looking for an interesting personalized gift idea, this can be yours.