Saturday 12 June 2021
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Better Solutions for the Perfect Nail Polish: What You Would Need

The C arc and the so-called stress point are more important in nail modeling than many beginners think. We came across a lot of theories of beginners that flat nails are nicer, that they can’t shape a fingernail, so they just won’t do it. Believe us, it won’t work without proper modeling of the stress point and C arc, if you want beautifully shaped and firm nails. You can’t just “paint” a gel, polygel or acrylic with a brush. “Paint”, or if we want to varnish, you can only gel varnish your natural nail and even that has its rules.

Thanks to the c-arc, the nail becomes more flexible, does not crack in the so-called apex (stress zone), holds better and the material is not released from the nail plate.

So what is the stress point and C arc?

In our picture, or also in the video, you can see a beautifully modeled fingernail with the so-called stress point – apex and c arch – lower arch.

The C-arch is usually presented as the entire shape of the nail, but this is not entirely true. We must always imagine the nail divided into several parts. The AC arch is an arcuate shape under the nail that gives the nail strength and flexibility. As in construction, the arches carry evenly a huge weight and do not collapse. That’s why the céčko is the basis even in modeling. The use of the magnetic nail polish is important there.

If you look at the front, the nails must be curved (so they resemble the letter C) and should be straight on the sides. It must be the same thickness everywhere and the edges of the nail must be straight. Therefore, the correct choice of gel (jelly gel, polygel) also plays a role. Nails must not be shaped downwards or raised upwards. You can of course achieve the C-arc by applying the gel correctly – the largest amount of gel is in the apex area and you apply less gel towards the free edge and the cuticle. You also help with filing and you can also help with pinching tweezers or a clip . Of course, each type of nail has a different shape. You won’t find a tunnel shape in the case of pointed nails.

Properly modeled c arc

As we mentioned, among beginners, the term céčko is taken more as a whole rounded nail, let’s rather be consistent and remember that there are other parts in nail modeling:

Apex – the stress point, is actually a raised layer of material. Most of the material was used here and we place it within about 1/3 of the cuticle nail. We model the stress point because the nail must withstand impact, load and must not break. For flat nails or poorly modeled nails, the material at this point likes to break and the nail flies off. Sometimes a nasty injury can occur. So be careful – don’t forget the stress point.


The upper arch can be understood as the so-called line of a smile (if we want to help ourselves figuratively), here the white tip is modeled in a French manicure. The material gradually and naturally thins towards the tip and ends with a properly modeled C-arc.