Tuesday 3 August 2021
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5 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Organized All Year Long

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New year, new resolutions, and if one of your resolutions is to keep your house clean and well organized, here are 5 methods that will help you keep your space uncluttered, clean and uncluttered.

#1: Establish routines

With daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal routines, you are certain to have a clean and well-organized house at all times. You will avoid procrastination and feel less overwhelmed. For example, plan for beds every day, dusting furniture every week, cleaning kitchen cabinets every month, and uncluttering the garage each season.

#2: Create a “family command center”

Between the mail, the work of the children and the birthdays of the relatives, the command center remains one of the most effective means for a better organization at home. With a family command center, you’ll be able to better administer all the paperwork you receive. You will have more control over all your appointments. Determine where you would like to install it and write down everything you would like to see in your command center; for example, a calendar, storage boxes, pens, hooks for bags, labels, etc. You can personalize it and adapt it according to the needs of your family.

#3: Have space for everything

One of the secrets to keeping your space clean and orderly is to make sure that everything you own at home has a home. Plastic or glass containers, storage bins, hooks and labels are the best allies to avoid chaos. Go there one project at a time and piece by piece. You can also get closet organizers to help you with your closet.

#4: Invest in quality tools

It may seem expensive, but if you can afford it, why don’t you do it? You will certainly gain time to use efficient and quality items to do your housework. Sometimes these fabulous tools do the job for you!

#5: Track your progress

You can use the method of the checklist. You will be surprised at what you have accomplished and this will motivate you more to know that you are on the right track. And if you feel that you do not really respect the goals you have set for yourself, do not panic. Go step by step and remember that this is a process.

Staying organized this year is very important to keep you motivated in everything you do. Giving everything you’ve got to stay organized is a wise decision to make.