Friday 7 May 2021
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Shop Online For the Best Custom Ties

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Are you thinking of buying a special person a tie? A man will never admit that he has too many ties. As such, it is a great idea to give a special friend custom ties as a gift, with beautiful designs. These ties can be worn during important occasions such as the workplace or a wedding. Ties allow you to add a bit of class to your entire outfit and make you confident in your appearance. So how do you go about choosing the right tie for you or a loved one? Below is a list of things that you need to consider when purchasing a tie in order to complement a flavored appearance.

Colors and Patterns for Custom Ties

As you think about buying a tie, a common hurdle often crosses your mind; what is the right color? Often, you want to choose a color that suits your particular taste and preference. There are some men who prefer minimal color while others love to have numerous color combinations for their tie decoration. Think about what you particularly like when purchasing these must-have wardrobe items.

Another controversial debate that often arises is whether to select ties with various patterns or those with solid colors. Ties come in different patterned layouts and checks are the most popular. If you find checked outfit particularly impressive, you probably will be a huge fan of a tie with a checked pattern.  

Choosing between Windsor and Bow?

Everything in the fashion world is bringing back the retro look. Clothing that was formerly thought to have disappeared are now once again popular. The bow tie is slowly coming back and if this is a favorite style for someone you can gift them. However, there are some men who find the thought of tying a Windsor knot every morning to be so cumbersome. A person who is into the fashion trend may really appreciate a bow tie.

The Material

The two main types of materials used in custom ties are silk and cotton. Both of these materials have their own benefits and aesthetic benefits. Silk ties are most people’s favorite because of their striking natural sheen to your general outfit. On the other hand, a cotton tie is soft and inviting. If you are the kind of person who likes to dress to impress, you can choose a silk tie. For those who want to dress in a smart and sophisticated manner, a cotton tie will do the trick.

The tie is the finishing touch and with all the options available, choosing the right tie for any occasion you want to attend can seem confusing. The main mistake most men make is buying a tie that does not complement other elements in their ensemble. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, you might be desperately looking for a tie that matches with your garment at the last moment when you want to go out.

Always match your tie to your clothing and not the other way around. Don’t buy a tie simply because it has a great color or pattern but also consider your body size and the color pattern that works well with your clothing. Coordinating your tie and suit is not that difficult. It all requires a basic understanding of the color, pattern in order to come up with an interchangeable wardrobe. The importance of having a range of flexible neckties in your wardrobe is that it enhances your overall outfits. When you do this you will find yourself wanting to wear your tie more often. The best color adds color to your complexion and gives you an overall improved look.

The Principles of Matching

  • Necktie proportion: the proportion refers to the neckties’ length and width in relation to your build. If you are a large man and often wear suits with a wide front, you will look better when you balance the look with a tie that is wider than average and is long enough to reach your buckle. A man with a small built should look for smaller ties that are shorter in length. Many online retailers have these types of neckties.
  • Necktie color: there is no specific color which best matches a given outfit. The right colors will be determined by two factors; the message you are trying to pass and the color combination that works best with your natural skin tone. Semi-solid and lightly patterned green or blue ties will go well with cool blue colored clothing. Presenters prefer a red tie because it captures the attention and points the audience to the speaker’s face. A small number of men are color blind and seem to find it hard to match their clothing. If you fall this into a category, you can stock a variety of ties in your wardrobe so that you don’t have a hard time when you want to go out. On the other hand, you can also talk to a trusted friend or image consultant if you want to avoid wearing clashing color combinations.

The Suit

Most of the available tie color combinations will go well with dark colored suits. It is easy to match these suits with ties in order to complement your ensemble. If you don’t mind drawing attention to yourself you can select a tie that is richly colored to go with your dark colored suit.

Light colored suits will look good on dark colored ties and creates a nice contrast. However, if your hair and skin have little contrast, it is best to avoid bright and warm hues such as pink, orange, and yellow. Striped suits are also under the same category and this rule applies too. Avoid mixing your clothing with same size patterns.

You will need a formal tie if you are wearing a blazer or suit. For a more casual feel, you can select knitted neckwear. Whether the setting is formal or informal, you should remember to create a balance.