Tuesday 3 August 2021
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Know about the process of screen printing and sublimation

Screen printing is one of the oldest and one of the famous printing methods. The layer of ink is put on the settings screen, which results in the creation of the design. For each of the designs, there have to be different kinds of screens. On the other hand, sublimation is an extraordinary technique of printing. The image or the design is printed on a particular kind of sheet of paper. Then this image is skilfully placed on the fabric. When the printing is done by using this method, then the print will not come off even when the T-shirt becomes old. To know what is the best process, look at the points regarding screen printing vs sublimation given below.

The mechanism of how screen printing works is simple. You have to put the stencil of the image you like on the substrate. This type of placement is followed, putting on the ink with the help of the stencil. Then the cotton bar is used to spread the ink with the stencil. The ink which is poured will penetrate in the pores of the stencil and then set on the fabric. When it is dry, the process will get over. The process is called silk screening, serigraph printing, or serigraphy.

The benefits of screen printing

  • Because of the volume discounts, screen printing is getting economical.
  • The design can be put in any place in the fabric.

The drawbacks of screen printing

  • It does not provide intricate designs. Therefore the screen printing only creates simple designs.
  • If many types of colors are printed, then it becomes cheap.
  • The investment is quite large.

What is sublimation?

Initially, the preferred image can be printed on the particular heat transfer paper. This will then be heat pressed with the help of a heat press machine by transferring the digital printed image on the blanks of sublimation. This will change the image directly in the solid-state gas. Because of this, the whole process is performed.

The benefits of sublimation

  • The printing is performed on the fabric of the garment.
  • There are many color options present for doing sublimation.
  • The intricate designs can be found without making any mess.
  • This process is considered to be economical for the small batches; hence it is feasible.

The drawbacks of sublimation

  • This process is not suitable for all types of garments.
  • There is no type of volume discounts present.
  • If the orders are big, then it becomes uneconomical.

Screen printing vs. sublimation- which one is the best?

  • Coloration

Screen printing allows only one color at a time. If the design requires many colors, then the colors will be layered, and this will make color handling difficult. This does not take place in sublimation.

  • Ease

Screen printing can get messier. If there is a problem in the stencil, then the result can get messy. The colors will go on the top of each other, mixing everything. But the process of sublimation does not usually lead to the mess.

The design and quality are some of the essential factors that have to be considered when you are thinking of what option to choose. Screen printing vs sublimation is an unending debate because screen printing has more drawbacks when compared with the sublimation. But some people choose it over sublimation. It depends on an individual’s preference for what to choose.