Saturday 21 July 2018
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Why are skull biker rings so popular today

Irrespective of so many of styles of biker rings being introduced year after year, there is one specific type of ring that never loses its sheen – skull rings. They win in all categories like top trendy biker rings of the year, most loved rings by biking enthusiasts, top all-time stylish biker rings and much more. Bikers, both novice, and experts love these skull rings for the raw attitude and fearlessness that they exude. Though these rings look quite scary and dangerous, they are quite flexible and a delight to make. Why are they so popular among bikers? Let’s see in this article:


There are not as many rings that can be made in different ways like the skull rings. The skull & crossbones pattern are one of the earliest-known models in these rings. However, of late, they are being carved along with cross rings for men, gothic rings, medieval rings and much more. They can be made with a minimalistic carving or very intricate carving as per the needs of the biker. If you feel that the skull shape is not all that intimidating, you can add more fierceness or devilish attitude in it by carving it along with faces of spiders, snakes, vampires, pirates, tribal gods, wings, two-faces and more. For some trendy designs, you can visit website of

Fearless attitude

Sterling silver or stainless steel biker skull rings are loved by young biking enthusiasts because of the roughness and fearless attitude that they bring along with them. Skull rings are usually thought to signify danger and death. However, you will be surprised to know that they signify features like mortality, fearlessness, and freedom as well. These rings also represent masculinity. Bikers who are rebels and who strongly believe that no rules of the world can bind them in any way prefer the freedom skull ring, which is nothing but a ring with a winged skull. Of all the skull rings, the ones with wings are becoming highly popular, especially among young bikers who are passionate about the sport.


Skull rings never go out of vogue. These are timeless beauties are highly versatile as they are available in various price ranges. Have a shoestring budget? Don’t worry, there are cheap stainless steel skull rings designed just for you. For those of you who can splurge on biker rings, there are designer wear rings as well. Though these rings are made using different materials, the ones that are made using sterling silver and polished using oxidised sterling silver are most loved by bikers. This is because oxidised silver gives a dark shade and texture to the already-intimidating skull rings to add to their appeal. You can personalise these rings as per your preferences to match them to your personality. If you love coloured stones, you can choose sapphire, diamond or emerald as they gel well with the silvery shades of the skull and make it look more powerful. For different styles, materials and prices of skull rings, you can check the link of Bikerringshop.