Tuesday 20 August 2019
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Promotional Product Marketing: All About Getting It Right!

Even at a time when digital marketing is at the forefront, diverse traditional marketing practices hold value. This includes the use of promotional products. Promotional product marketing is a cost-effective means to retain existing customers and to get the attention of potential ones. When you offer something more to customers beyond the product and a boring ad, they are likely to listen and take note. Getting it right, however, requires a few considerations. Here’s what brands need to know about using promotional products.

Start with a good vendor

Even if yours is a new company that doesn’t have any clue of how to choose and customize products, the right vendor can change it all. Suppliers like Concept Plus have been working with brands for the longest time to offer unique solutions for their promotional campaigns. You also have a whole bunch of categories to choose from, and since these vendors work online, the pricing is always effective.

Select the right products

There are various categories of promotional products, and some of the popular ones include desk supplies, apparel, stationery, technology, drinkware, bags and writing instruments. Before you select one or more, it is important to consider three major questions –

  1. What’s the purpose of your marketing campaign?
  2. What’s the final budget?
  3. Do customers have specific expectations?

Brands have been using surveys to find more on what the customers would want as promotional products, but your vendor should be able to share a few ideas. The product should be relevant to the purpose of your marketing and it should be customizable. As for the budget, it should be decided after you have considered the categories and audience.

Tips for ordering

While vendors do have products in stock, large orders should be placed in advance. If you have decided to use promotional products, don’t wait for the last minute to find a vendor. Make sure that you have discussed the points of customization. While saying a message or using brand initials and tag line might be necessary, you don’t want to overdo it, because the product needs to make sense to the end user. For bulk order, you can always ask for a discount, and you are likely to get a better offer if you order more products of the same kind.

Consider all these pointers and think of your long-term marketing goals before selecting promotional products. Done right, this is one of the most amazing forms of marketing.