Monday 25 May 2020
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How To Pick The Best Gemstone For You

Shopping may take a long time especially if you are looking for an item that needs to have the particulars that you are trying to get. That’s the case with crystal gemstones. They belong to the category of items that you don’t just pick up from a shelf just because it is there. You need to identify the best properties and, for some, metaphysical properties to select the best gemstone.

Think of mixing and matching your clothes and shoes. You want them to be presentable when worn together. Grabbing a pair of shoes solely because the price may lead to unsatisfying outfits. With your gemstone, you have to mix and match it with your personality. The intent that you are trying to elicit from the gemstone should also be taken into consideration.


The color of the gemstone is incredibly important. Depending on where you’re going to put the gemstone, its appearance will be the first thing that you should consider. Are you going to add the gemstone as an accessory with a dress that you have in the closet? Try wearing that dress the next time that you take a look at gemstones.

If the color of your gemstone doesn’t match well with what you are going to be placing it around on, then there isn’t much of a physical sense to having that particular gemstone. You have to remember that fashion isn’t permanent. Trends come and go. A trendy color or appearance of a gemstone may not be desirable in just a few months later.


Gemstones are priced in a wide range. Unlike with makeup where you have high end and low-end brands that are such solely because of name and production values, crystals gemstones are priced due to its rarity and appearance. A gemstone that may seem blue to you may appear dull when next to a more vibrant blue gemstone.

It’s important that you set a budget that you know you can follow before you make any final decisions when picking your gemstone. Trying to go for something that costs a lot due to the appeal of being able to say that you spent a large figure to get it may trigger a good response from your peers but that doesn’t mean that it automatically will match you.


Many people that collect gemstones do so because of their metaphysical properties. If you are not initiated into this idea, there are those that believe crystals gemstones are able to trigger an emotion or a feeling depending on its appearance. For example, a crystal that is white is said to be able to elicit the sense of completeness and purity.

Different individuals feel different things when presented with gemstones. The color of each gemstone will also not be similar. The metaphysical properties of a gemstone may be amplified for a particular person by increasing its physical size. You can also match your gemstone with your zodiac sign.
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