Monday 20 May 2019
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Mobile Salon Services

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Urban women have become so busy with jobs, life and families and it has become difficult for them to get few hours to visit their favorite salons for services like keratin treatment application, massage, waxing or facial. They therefore seek mobile salon which visits customers in their home.

Massage in Bahrain

Most of these mobile salons have trusted team of professional hair stylists and beauticians who will visits customers that don’t have time to visit salon because of various reasons. One such mobile salon in Bahrain is Natasha mobile salon that offers massage in Bahrain, waxing in Bahrain, manicure and pedicure, keratin treatment, and many more.

Massage in Bahrain is not only offered in expensive spas but also in homes, hospital and airports by professional massage therapists or massage chairs located in strategic places like in airport. There are 2 main types of massages offered in Bahrain and they include deep tissue massage and Swedish massage. Visit ultimate product review site to learn more. Massage is therapeutic and it has shown to alleviate pain, reduce stress and eliminate muscles tension.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin hair treatment is another mobile salon service offered in Bahrain. Those who buy keratin products often have frizzy and dull hair. Keratin treatment is known to straighten curly hair and at the same time making it smoother and manageable.

Women who have thick and frizzy hair take long time to straighten it and that’s why they opt for keratin treatment because it makes the process shorter once they receive it. The best thing is that it lasts from 3 to 6 months and does not damage hair like the way rebonding products do.

If applied by a qualified and experienced hair stylist, no harm can occur to hair. Keratin treatments are made up of proteins that make up the outer layer of hair structure called keratin. During keratin treatment, the liquid blends with the hair to restore what was lost on a damaged hair.

Finally, keratin treatments are best known to shorten straightening process of hair, they reduce frizz and smoothen the hair.