Monday 20 May 2019
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Considerations to Make When Choosing a Condolence Gift

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Grief and sorrow are inevitable and when such happen to those that we love, finding the best words to comfort them might be a little difficult. At such moments, when words fail and cannot be enough to express your heartfelt sympathy, use other gestures. Sympathy gift basket is one sure way of expressing yourself and they may mean more than a thousand words to the grieving one. However, you should be very cautious on the gift that you choose to give otherwise you might seem insensitive. Below are important considerations that you need to make before you present a sympathy gift basket.

The best time to give out the gift

It is never advisable to give out a condolence gift before the funeral. At this time, it might be a little early and the person might still be hurting a lot from the loss. You might seem insensitive and your gift might make little or no impact. The best time is some few weeks after the funeral. However, don’t hesitate to send even if some months have passed and you have not yet sent. It might mean a lot to your friend and they will know that she has been in your mind.

What is the best gift?

At this time, your friend is very sensitive, and a wrong gift can trigger her emotions. Be very wise in choosing a condolence gift. If it is a person that you know very well, you can go beyond and look for a gift that will console her. For instance, if it is a child who has just lost his parents, you can buy a teddy which they will use to cuddle. However, if you are not sure of what they might like, remember that food is another way of reaching some one’s heart. If you know what the person’s favorite food is, you can send a and you can rest assured that she will love and appreciate it very much.

How close were you to the family?

It might be your friend or just a close neighbor whom you really did not interact that much. If you were not close to the bereaving family, a flower gift basket might seem more appropriate in such a case

Who should be the recipient of the gift?

If for instance the deceased was your friend, you might be left wondering who you will give the gift. You can give to members of the family, whether immediate or extended depending on how close the individuals were to the deceased.

Beliefs and religion

People have different religions and beliefs and it is good to respect them. Do your research about what the religion dictates and adhere to it. For instance, in some religions, you can prepare a meal with pork and they will accept while in others like the Muslim religion, pork is forbidden and hence cannot be accepted even as a condolence gift. You should therefore carry out research to avoid adding salt to the injury.