Tuesday 20 August 2019
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Choosing a Right Pillow For Neck Pain

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Picking out the best pillow for neck pain can go a long way in helping you get enough sleep at night. A pillow needs to be able to support the neck in a position that offers neutral alignment while you are asleep. In case the pillow you are using is not good enough to offer your neck the right kind of support, the stress on the intricate structure of your neck increases, leading you to suffer through neck pan day and night.

Key Features To Look Out For  :

Since people come in all sizes and shapes, you need to pick out a pillow that suits your height, preferred sleeping position and other personal preferences. Here are a few key features of different pillows to look out for:

Cervical Pillows  :

These are also referred to as orthopedic pillows and are easily distinguishable because of their distinctive shape. The pillow has a dip where the head will be supported, followed by a higher area where the neck will be placed. The pillow is usually made using memory foam to give  maximum comfort. Interestingly, some people prefer to turn it upside down for better support.

Feather Pillows  :

Feather pillows are a great choice for people who tend to change their sleeping position several times during the night. It helps easily manipulate the pillow into any shape or position you want, putting your comfort first.

Memory Foam :

A memory foam pillow is designed to conform to the shape and position of the head. It keeps your head and neck in position throughout the night and can be really useful for people who have neck pain. You can easily order a memory foam pillow online from online websites of companies like Wakefit which specialize in mattresses and pillows.

Pillows For Neck Pain Based On Sleeping Position:

Medical professionals recommend sleeping on your neck or side if you have neck pain, Here are a few different types of pillows that you can choose to find relief from neck pain based on your sleeping position.

If you prefer to sleep on your back, a low pillow will come in handy. You can get extra support by placing a small pillow that is roll-shaped below your neck. In fact, you can flat pillows that come attached with roll-shaped pillows in the market today. If you prefer to sleep on your side, a higher pillow is advisable. This enables your neck  and head to be aligned straight with your shoulders. In case there is a sizable gap between your neck and the mattress, you can place a roll-shaped pillow in this gap for extra support to your neck.

Sleeping on your stomach is not recommended if you suffer from back pain or neck pain as it places stress on your neck and back. You can either choose to change your sleeping  pattern or try using a small flat pillow for your head. Make sure that the pillow is positioned in such a way that the nose remains lifted off the mattress into a more neutral position.

In case you are on a long journey, you will probably spend a lot of hours sleeping in the sitting position. You can avoid neck pain in such a situation by using a horseshoe shaped pillow. These kinds of pillows offer plenty of support to your neck and enable you to catch your beauty sleep easily. It is the right pillow for neckpain when you are on a long trip. At the end of the day, picking out the right pillow can offer you relief from neck pain and a good  night’s sleep as well.