Saturday 24 October 2020
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Cash for your Gift Cards

The internet had paved the way for so many businesses and the most thriving of which is online selling. The global marketplace have just become smaller and more accessible than ever. With sites like ebay, and social networking sites that provide a platform for online markets, doing business is as easy as pie. An online store removes the capital and investment required for setting up a physical store, it also cuts down on overhead costs. Moreover, there are now companies that are dedicated into delivering online purchases wherever the buyer may be in the world that for the right price, anything can be had at any given time. The online marketplace sells anything under the sun, users or members can post what they are selling and what they are looking to buy, and literally everything is sold there, from the rarest toy to that of cars, houses and even farm equipment. Most people also like the convenience that online shopping provides, you do not have to go the store, you can just do it clicking on your smart phones or PCs and with just a few taps, the transaction is completed. One need to just patiently wait for the ordered item to arrive, delivered to your front door. And even the online store has so many products to choose from. Big retail stores and brands have their own online stores for people who would want to avoid long queues at the store or the traffic in going to the store from their homes. The prices are the same and delivery is free, most of the time there are exclusive sales in the online store. The rewards and attraction that online shopping brings without a doubt is slowly becoming a way of life for most people.

As such, you could sell anything online and there is actually no cost in putting up something out there for sale. Most people have made a profit selling their used stuff in the internet, and there are probably people who would be willing to pay good money for whatever it is you are selling. Sometimes it even makes you wonder how something so old or so simple could actually be sold online. Thus, aside from the stuff you would sell in a garage sale, you can probably unearth something in your house that could be sold online and make money out of it. One such overlooked item that most people actually have and do not realize that it could be sold online are gift cards. Gift cards are prepaid gift certificates that one can use to purchase anything from a certain store with a preset value. Gift cards are popular giveaways, tokens or prizes in corporate events or as incentives for some sales and marketing companies. Surely, there is a number of gift cards lying around your house. Most gift cards do not have an expiration date, so that as long as it has not been damaged, it can still be used for the value printed on it.

There is actually a market for gift cards, you can sell gift cards online. A gift card can be sold online if it is not less than twenty dollars in value and especially if it is for popular stores that have a myriad of products that can be chosen from. Gift cards for high-end luxury shops are the most popular and will fetch a higher price like about 98 percent of the value of the card. However, one also has to be careful that you deal with legit buyers and not scammer because you might end up getting a bad deal. You can post in many sites and advertise your gift cards and you could also sell it as a bargain price, since you could afford to sell it in a lower price since there was no capital involved. On the other hand, you could do this as a small business where you could buy gift cards from people you know and sell gift cards online. This can be a low-risk and highly profitable enterprise as you could buy the gift cards at half its value and sell it with a profit of twenty-five to thirty percent. Considering that you do not have any overhead expense, then you could see a return of investment almost immediately. But it is always safe to start small, and local even if you are selling it online. This is a good business to start since there is no fear of decay or spoilage of the products you are selling. Your only problem would be if the gift card sold to you is not in pristine form, like it has tears and creases or if it is very old and faded. It is wiser to actually buy gift cards in person so that you can inspect it on site even before you pay for it. Also make sure that the gift card is still valid and at what date it will expire and will you have enough time to dispose of it in the given period. For a safety buffer, the gift cards should still have six months to one year of validity before you buy it. Also it would help if you can source it locally rather than buying it online.

It is a good thing to supplement one’s income especially in this trying times where every commodity are becoming expensive. And although it is something that you could do part-time, it will also be rewarding. Human being as we are, we always would want the maximum benefit with the most minimum of effort, and sell gift cards online is one of those opportunities. Online selling can be an interesting and fast-paced business although there are certain mistakes that a newbie could commit. Like any other business, there are risks and opportunities and you cannot go into it halfheartedly, if you decide to do it, then be prepared to learn and to take charge of that learning curve. But when you do get the hang of it and you have become adept at it, it can be very rewarding.