Monday 20 May 2019
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Benefits of a Water pipe

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Whether it is tobacco or marijuana, lighting up substances produce a lot of harmful chemicals which are carcinogenic in nature.  These include benzopyrene which is also found in tobacco. Studies have shown that water pipes are very effective in filtering out as much as 90% of specific toxins.  As far as marijuana smoking with a water pipe is concerned, water pipes work wonderfully to filter out cytotoxins which impair the immune system. Another benefit of a bong is that it is easier to use and maintain when compared to vaporizers.

Getting Started

Smoking a pipe is considered a leisure activity – make sure you have plenty of time to sit down and savor the experience. Set aside about 30 – 60 minutes so that you get the full experience.  Giving yourself the time will help you slow down. If you want a drink to go with it, then make yourself one before sitting down.

  1. Filling the pipe: This is the most challenging step to master as it will affect the quality of your experience. Take a generous helping of tobacco and put it in the bowl and tamp it down gently.  Fill it halfway, press down gently, put in some more tobacco and pack it down firmly. There should be a little space from the rim of the bowl and the tobacco.
  2. Testing: Put the pipe in your mouth and try to draw in some air. If you feel like the air isn’t flowing freely, then you have packed the tobacco too tightly. Take it out and repack the bowl. If it feels okay, then you are ready to get started.
  3. Lighting up: Matches are usually a cheaper alternative and work well for lighting pipes. Invest in a pipe lighter as they are specifically made so that they don’t alter the taste of tobacco.  Move the match in a circular movement to make sure that it is lit evenly. Once it is lit well, you are ready to go. Smoking a pipe vs. a cigarette or vaporizers is different. Try not to inhale the smoke into your lungs as pipe tobacco is stronger and is usually more for getting the flavor.  

Informational Tips

If you notice the pipe gurgling when you smoke, there may be too much moisture in the stem.  Use the cleaner to remove the moisture and then continue. Sometimes the pipe can get too hot to hold.  Let it go out before relighting. One of the reasons to do so is that a hot pipe changes the taste of the tobacco. Let the pipe cool down completely before trying to clean it.