Monday 20 May 2019
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The Basics on Wedding Rings

If there is one thing about wedding rings that rings true for every bride and groom it’s the idea that they are forever. For couples when picking out those pieces of fine jewelry they really want to take the time to know what they each like.

The engagement ring itself has a lot of different opinions. For some the idea of the bride to be picking out her ring is taboo. While for others the bride to be wouldn’t be anywhere but picking out her engagement ring. So, to each his own on that one.

Wedding rings are without a doubt the harder choice. This is the first decision where the soon to be married couple are getting to see what they like individually and if how the band will resemble their union. First of course is the choice of metals. The standard of gold or platinum is always a great choice but there are others. Silver and white gold are gaining on the old favorites.

For some the band is simply the background for diamonds. For a more custom look the option of using different stones is always possible as well. Having bands custom made is another wonderful option. There is nothing like having a ring that is one of kind yours. Working with a jeweler that knows and appreciates the art of jewelry making will no doubt. When simplicity is not an option custom is.

A good wedding band has an option of rings made to fit around the perfect engagement ring and highlight the stone. This look is a beautiful way to enhance the engagement ring. It really is up to the bride what her preference is.

The days of the simple gold band for the man are pretty much over. The choices for men have come a long way and men are finally enjoying the fact that they can now have a varied choice of rings. The thickness of the bands, metal colors, and finishes are all options that can now be given to the groom. From a hammered look to a stunning honeycomb pattern the choices are even making the guy who thought he wasn’t interested, interested.

It is no longer necessary to have those matching sets when there are so many options. This is an opportunity for the couple to express their own personal taste and style while taking comfort into account. The idea that two souls can live two separate lives and join as one should be expressed in their wedding rings. The rings can show the life you’ve led and the life you will live as a couple. So, it won’t matter if the bride settles on a diamond band and the groom has decided on a rose gold hammered ring. The idea is that these rings will symbolizing the joining of two and there is really no better way than to have options and to be the true you. All that can be expressed in a couples wedding rings.