Saturday 24 October 2020
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3 Different Styles Of Men’s Wedding Bands

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It’s a special time in a couple’s life when they are about to get married. With so much preparation to take care of the last thing you want to wait on is the wedding bands. Our selection of men’s wedding bands at Reis-Nichols Jewelers is modern and unique.

We have many different styles to consider that will suit a man’s lifestyle, whether he works in an office or is in a more rugged hands on job where comfort and safety is key while wearing that cherished wedding band. Here are three exceptional wedding band styles to consider purchasing for that special day.

Classic Gold Men’s Wedding Bands

You probably know if you are a “classic” kind of guy. Those ring styles for men’s wedding bands are going to be simple and more than likely made of yellow gold, white gold, or platinum.

If you are shopping for this type ring style, check out the Triton Brushed Gold Wedding Band. It’s made of yellow tungsten which is strong and durable with a comfort band you are going to absolutely love wearing each day.

Or if you want traditional yellow gold, we have that as well in this Men’s 14K Yellow Gold Comfort Band style.

Specialty Metal Men’s Wedding Bands

Special metals are things like tungsten, steel, and even titanium or wood. If you are looking for something a little different check out this style, the Lashbrook Zirconium & Hardwood Wedding Band. This band is the metal zirconium and tamarind hardwood together for an updated look that is sure to get many compliments when you wear it.

Unique Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Rose gold is a newer trend in jewelry that has taken the world by storm. This beautiful coppery metal is unique and lovely. It looks great with all different skin tones and you’ll be sure to feel special when you put this on in the morning. Take a look at the Lashbrook Rose Gold & Hardwood Wedding Band. Featuring a desert ironwood sleeve, this is a unique men’s wedding band statement to make.

No matter what kind of style you want in your wedding band, Reis-Nichols Jewelers is ready to show you are stunning selection. Take some time on a night out with your fiancé to make this all-important choice for a wedding band that symbolizes your love and future.